General Questions

What is mate?

What can users do on MATE?

Who are the core team members behind MATE?

How does MATE work?

How do I place a limit order on MATE?

Can I cancel an opened limit order?

How MATE guarantees trade execution?

What is the fee structure for executors and traders?

What are the official channels for MATE?

Can I check my trading history?

Is it safe to trade on MATE?

Where is the liquidity coming from?

Is there a possibility of using other tokens as a fee instead of BNB?


What are executors?

What do you need to begin trading with MATE?

What are the supported blockchains for MATE?

What utility does MATE offer?

Is MATE any different from the existing DEXs that offer Limit Orders?

What is the difference between DEX and CEX?

What is Price Slippage, and how does it affects you?

How Limit Orders help you to make most of your trades?

What are the risks between market and limit orders?

Is it possible for me to request refunds on transactions?

Can I add additional token addresses to MATE if the tokens are not available in the drop-down menu?

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