Basic FAQs

What is Mate’s Application

As of V1's MATE, users can create limit orders and set an expiration time on their desired token pairs. Stake your LP (Liquidity Pair) tokens at MATE and earn liquidity provider fees with competitive APR. If you are looking for something simpler, you can stake MATE to earn xMATE. More farms and pools will be coming soon.

How does Mate work?

A user places a limit order and sets an expiration time. Executor nodes will constantly watch for any events of the smart contract. If the specified conditions are met, the node executes that limit order, filling up your orders.

How to place a Limit Order?

Navigate to the app. Then, click the dropdown menu at the 'Limit Order' tab and select the tokens you want to swap. In the Place Limit Order, set the desired amounts and input the amount you wish to swap. Do not forget to specify the expiration time and check the Rate against the token you picked. (E.g: 1 BNB <> $300) Metamask will pop up and request your permission to place an order by paying an order fee. The complete tutorial is available here.

Is there a buyback program for Mate?

Yes, a 0.05% fee collected from all trades will be used for buying back MATE from the open market. For example, if Mate has a trading volume of $1B within a month, Mate will accrue a total of $500,000 for its buyback program that incentivizes xMATE staking participants

Does Mate holds our asset?

Mate limit order are designed in a fully non-custodial way. This means your tokens do not leave your wallet until the real trade (order execution) happens.

Order Cancellation

You can cancel your limit order anything as long as your limit order has not expired or been executed by an executor node.

Trading History

You can check your trading history by clicking here.

Adding Additional Tokens

You can add any BSC token addresses into the token selection menu in the Limit Order tab.

Mate’s Liquidity Source

MATE currently sources liquidity from Pancakeswap, with more AMMs coming soon.

Supported Blockchains

Mate is running on the BSC with plans to go multichain in the near future, providing the best returns for traders and executor node providers.
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