Mate Yield Farming Goes LIVE!

The Mate Farm goes Live!

Fellow ORK holders, today we are happy to announce the MATE token launch alongside new LP farms going LIVE!

New LP pools:


To get MATE, users must either stake their ORK-BNB LP pair or buy it via PCS.

Click here to buy tokens via PCS: Pancakeswap

$ORK Contract Address: 0xCed0CE92F4bdC3c2201E255FAF12f05cf8206dA8

$MATE Contract Address: 0x2198b69b36b86f250549d26d69c5957912a34ec2

The Farm:

You can obtain liquidity provider tokens via Pancakeswap.‌

If you need a guide on Cake LP tokens, Pancakeswap has a complete guide on creating and adding liquidity here.

First, make sure you have ORK and BNB equivalent in USD value.

To get the Liquidity Pair tokens, you can click here:



Once you have the LP tokens, you can stake them in the Mate farm here.

How to get MATE:

  • Users can farm MATE by staking their ORK/BNB pair LP token.
  • Buy MATE via PCS.
  • Once a user has already got MATE, farming MATE by staking MATE/BNB pair LP token is also available!

Just two steps to farm MATE:

  1. Provide liquidity on Pancakeswap with one of the pairs above and get appropriate LP token.

2. Stake received LP token in MATE farming contract here and get MATE reward!

Really simple, isn’t it?

Farming safety:

For farming we use a fork of well known, audited Synthetix Smart Contract without any edits, that give proven confidence. Tens of thousands of farmers have already confirmed its reliability!

Why accumulate more MATE?

The white paper has a more in-depth explanation for CEX and DEX from MATE’s perspective.

The major DEX player in the market is Pancakeswap. They charged 0.25% per swap, and traders cannot avoid unpredictable price impact since every order is executed as a market order.

MATE collects 0.2% fees per limit orders executed within the Mate platform. MATE’s executor node validators receive 0.15% of the trading fee, while MATE’s receives the remaining 0.05% as a reward for staking. (Staking will be available soon.)

In conclusion, trading volume on MATE rewards better payout to MATE’s holders, Followed by zero inflation making it attractive for participants to hold MATE tokens in the long run.

We highly encourage users to obtain MATE via staking ORK LP pairs instead of PCS to prevent high price impact due to low initial liquidity. There will be no Limitation for staking LPs within Mate.

Beware of FAKE MATE tokens!

MATE Token Address :



Anyone can create fake tokens impersonating projects in the BSC space. Fake MATE tokens will not work and will result in substantial financial loss for users. Always double-check all the contract addresses before approving any transaction.

There is no AIRDROP from Mate, and if you unknowingly receive MATE without participating in any Farm, always double-check it.

Regards from the Tea Masters,

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Limit Orders. Zero Slippage. Guaranteed Execution. Learn more >

Limit Orders. Zero Slippage. Guaranteed Execution. Learn more >