Mate Weekly #007

Hi Tea Masters!

The team is busy working to implement the goals we have set for the first quarter of 2022. Meanwhile, here’s what’s been going on. 👀

🔥 Product Update

When you think of Mate, I’m sure you think of beauty. Our front-end team really nails it! See the latest addition to our website.

🎀 Orders ribbon

Orders now showcased in real-time. Check what other Tea Masters have been trading. Powered by The Graph — live on! 🧉

📝 Three New Listings

We’ve got three new listings this week Tardigrades.Finance, PARSIQ and Insurace. Remember to always DYOR (do your research)! 🕵

Tardigrades.Finance $TRDG

A unique token at the center of a blockchain gaming platform.


PARSIQ is a Web3 data platform building functionality on top of blockchain data. Using “Smart Triggers”, you can set up logic for “if-this-then-that” workflows — to watch for a specific on-chain event and initiate an action depending on the outcome you specified. $INSUR

A leading decentralized multi-chain insurance protocol that provides reliable, robust and secure insurance services to DeFi users, allowing them to protect their investment funds against various risks.

🏛️ Keep Calm and And Make A Proposal

We have ambitious plans for 2022 and we need your help to prioritize our next steps. Check the latest thread on our Commonwealth!

🏡 Home is where your heart is

Such a nice feeling when we organize our home and place all the meaningful stuff in the perfect spot, right? Join us and help move the furniture around. 💚

🎁 Dream Order Event

Congratulations to all the winners of our Dream Order event! All great things really start as Dreams! See the full list of winners here and stay tuned for the next one. 🎉

👩‍🌾 Wake and Stake

Explore our curated farms, and earn up to 183% APR! Got the boosts and bonus offers for early-adopters. Call that sweet greens.

🧉 About MATE

MATE is a DEX that enables traders to maximize trade returns with limit orders that guarantee trade execution without the risks of unpredictable slippage.

Want to learn more?



Limit Orders. Zero Slippage. Guaranteed Execution. Learn more >

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