Mate Farming GOES LIVE!

The Mate Farm goes Live!

Fellow ORK holders, today we are happy to announce the MATE token launch alongside new LP farms going LIVE!

Explore the Farm here: Usemate

New LP pools:

To get MATE, users must either stake their ORK-BNB LP pair or buy it via PCS.

Click here to buy tokens via PCS: Pancakeswap

$ORK Contract Address: 0xCed0CE92F4bdC3c2201E255FAF12f05cf8206dA8

$MATE Contract Address: 0x2198b69b36b86f250549d26d69c5957912a34ec2

The Farm:

You can obtain liquidity provider tokens via Pancakeswap.‌

If you need a guide on Cake LP tokens, Pancakeswap has a complete guide on creating and adding liquidity here.

First, make sure you have ORK and…

Why a fair launch for MATE

ICO’s, presale, and private sales.

A well-known and beloved procedure with numerous names.

In the crypto world, there is almost always a presale before a token is released. In truth, these events are frequently used as a pretext to invite influencers, friends, and family members.

Because we aim to represent the actual spirit of decentralization, MATE is doing things a little differently.

Mate has no presale, no private investors, nor VCs. Mate won’t have any IDO at launchpads. Initial $Mate distribution will be done through Liquidity Pool Farming with ORK-BNB / ORK-USDT & MATE-BNB / MATE-USDT farms.

Simultaneously with Farms…

MATE is a DEX that allows you to place limit orders on any BSC tokens without risking frontrunning by bots or losing unpredictable slippage. The best part is, every limit order always executes flawlessly like how you expect it to be.

For folks who may not know what DEX means, DEX is a Decentralized Exchange. Meanwhile, CEX is a Centralized Exchange.


Limit Orders. Zero Slippage. Guaranteed Execution. Learn more >

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